March 26, 2010

Tara's Mini Fashion Week

Day 3: Party Like A Rock...Party Like A Rock Star!

It's the weekend and today's look is totally killer! Be ready for anything the night can bring in this rock star look. Jeans and a t-shirt have always been a rock star staple, but I kick it up a notch with metallic and metal. Today, being a rock star is easy, I paired a skinny jean with a black v-neck t-shirt with purple metallic details (actually a tiger face if you look close up) and rocked the look out with metallic heels that are sky-high! Don't be afraid to reach new levels of rock-star-ness by wearing your most outrageously high, high-heels. This will just add to your greatness and maybe even score you a backstage pass!

For accessories, go all out! Here I am wearing 5 random bangles that I pulled out of my drawer, and a metal ring. Mix and match because anything goes with a basic t-shirt and jeans combo. On chilly nights, wear a little leather jacket, don't worry if you're mixing neutrals (example, brown and black like I did) because that totally works!

Now, to totally look the part, you really have to get that rock star makeup look. Smokey eyes are a MUST and it is super easy to do. My makeup is all from the Sigma Makeup Smokey Eyes Kit ( This kit gives you all the colors you need to get this look and there is even a tutorial on the site to help you smoke out your eyes! Since I wanted to focus the attention on my dark, Smokey eye, I kept the rest of my face fairly neutral, just a little bronzer and highlighter and a neutral lip gloss.

I love wearing a poof with long, straight hair. I think this style is very versatile and it definitely shows off the eyes. Everybody is different when it comes to their poof, but don't be afraid to pump up the volume! Think '80's band big!

Well that is my Friday rock star look! All the details of the outfit are below and the tools to re-create this makeup look are all available at:! Have an AWESOME weekend!


Outfit Details:
Jeans - American Eagle
T-Shirt - Torn
Jacket - Target
Shoes - Steve Madden


  1. Love my daily Tara dose! Super cute!

  2. 1. I want to try the poof, but I think I need a good tutorial.
    2. Loving your blue coat and shoes in the prev post!!
    3. Heard so many great compliments about your brushes - I will have to try someday!


  3. I am so loving this style keep it up you look awesome