March 23, 2010

Product of the Day....ANGIE!

Hey everyone! So I thought how better to start my blog than by doing a product of the day!? So here it is.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! Seriously, I use it daily. It is so versatile, it is so beautiful, it is so Angie!

Angie is a shade from the Sigma Makeup Neutral Palette. I use this product on top of a primer, and it lasts all day long. Most days I just top it off with a nice black eyeliner and mascara. It creates a very natural yet fresh look.

Anther great way to wear Angie is with a thick, black eyeliner, big bold lashes and a red lip. Very Marilyn Monroe and very sexy.

Angie is definitely my favorite shade of eye shadow and I honestly would recommend this color for anyone!



  1. That's a very nice color! I'll definitely have to check it out! Thanks for the review!
    I'm following your blog! Looking forward to keeping up with it! :)

  2. My favorite Sigma Makeup eyeshadow too! I love using it foiled on the eyelid :) perfect for daytime!

  3. thnks for recommend it!I can't wait to try that eyeshadow...hopefully I will be able to buy it next month (: