May 4, 2010

Tara's Treasure Chest!

Tara's Treasure Chest!

It's all about accessories in this post and this season! I am loving big, bold statement pieces that really pull an outfit together. Here you can see my personal accessory collection as well as some of my favorite pieces for this Spring/Summer! ENJOY!

If you didn't notice...I LOVE bangles!


So, now that you have seen a glimpse of my massive amount of accessories, I would love to share with you my favorites of the season. Every one who knows me, is aware of my freakish obsession for turquoise. I LOVE IT! I have always loved the color and any accessory that incorporates it. I think it all started with my first trip to the Southwest and has progressed into something that I cannot control, nor want to! 

With that in mind, here are a few of my favorite pieces that incorporate turquoise in my collection!

Now, finally what you have all been waiting favorite accessory of the moment! Drum roll please......

I don't even think it is truly necessary to explain why I am in love with this ring. It is perfect! Coral is such an amazing color right now and the gold accents are so adorable. I got this ring in Florida at an accessory store (probably one of my most favorite stores) and I have hardly taken it off since I left the store. It's so fun and can totally change the attitude of any outfit or look. 

Find your favorite accessory of the season and rock it! Feel free to take some of my ideas and share your own by commenting below! 


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  1. Hey Tara,
    You have a lot of amazing Yet Beautiful accessories!!!
    Stevie xoxox