March 22, 2012

Birchbox Inspiration!

This week (I was a little late on checking my mail) I received my Teen Vogue Birchbox! I got some amazing essie Luxeffects nail polish and I was inspired! I decided to combine the silver sparkles with my China Glaze mint color polish for a cool and unique nail look. Check it out:

For some reason this look totally reminds me of a Prom dress or Cinderella...IDK I just think it ended up pretty awesome. I'm not a huge nail painter so this was quite creative for me :) Well, my next look I think I will try a nude polish with black sparkly tips.

What do you have on your nails?



  1. ooh yeah I seen this technique of ombre! I really love it! yours turned out great! i just bought a minty color like that today for my nail actually. teen vogue birch box?! is that different? I got my regular birch box but i dont think it was teen vogue - I had the kiss nail stickers on my nails. I actually did a blog post on it a couple days ago if you wanna see them on!

  2. cool, i really love that! i did something similar w/ a china glaze glitter & a lilac purple. its like an ombre effect, like yours. anywho, i didnt get the vogue birchbox and i was not a happy camper about that. i have subscribed to them for well over a year, like wtf, yah no? why didnt some people get it i wonder. what ev's i like the nails, dunno why i am complaining to you, lol