July 14, 2011

IMATS LA 2011!

OK OK I know this is a little bit delayed....BUT, it's worth it I swear. IMATS otherwise known as the International Makeup Artist Trade Show was AMAZING! This was Sigma's first year at the show and we had a blast. We got to interact with our customers, fans and favorite YouTube gurus and makeup artists. This show was a great way to showcase our amazing products and feature some of our new products. Here are some fun pics from the show!

The Pasadena Convention Center - A first glimpse of the show!
Dare, Bare and Flare - Our new eye shadow palettes!

Dry'N Shape - The most unique and amazing product ever! I <3 this product!

Synthetic Face Kit and the new F86 prototype - Flawless coverage anyone!?

Make Me Up Collection - Lately I'm obsessed with the aqua kit!

Cleansing & Polishing Tool - My skin has never been softer! It was love at first spin :)

The Sigma Beauty Booth! - Cutest booth ever BTW!

And that's just the first night (not even the entire night) so stay tuned! More to come SOON!


  1. OMG!!, when will the F86 brush launch on the Sigma website?! :D

  2. We are hoping to launch the F86 very soon! Septemberish :) I'm SOOOO excited!